Shae2 15mths

Justin and Anya with Shae

"As first time dog owners we had very little idea of what it takes to raise a working line German Shepherd. Sharonika is not only an amazing breeder but her dedication to helping us raise and train Shae has made for an intelligent, obedient and well-rounded dog. Her methods are easy to follow and work towards building a stronger bond between you and your dog. Each activity whether great or small helps work towards a new skill which is then fine-tuned. The sessions are interactive and fun whilst providing owners with an insight into how a dog learns. Sharonika has gone above and beyond and we will never be able to thank her enough for all that she has taught us in training our girl Shae."


Christina with Dexter

"I have a 3 year old German Shepherd named Dexter, who developed dog
aggression problems at about 8 months old. I met with Sharonika and she watched how Dexter interacted with other dogs, and picked up on his issues straight away. She taught me the cues to look for and the best way to correct him to help fix his issues. After just one meeting with her, she taught me the right way to deal with Dexter's issues, and he was so much better. She has always been willing and eager to give me advice when it's needed, and she honestly has a sixth sense when it comes to dogs. The way she reads their body language and cues is incredible, I've never seen anything like it. I would highly recommend Sharonika to anyone needing help with their dogs, and will be continuing to get her help for years to come."

tenille and envy2

Tenille Williams - Dog Matters

"Sometimes in life you have a passion and you go out and learn all you can about it. And then there are the rare  people who set out to learn their passion and turn out to be naturally gifted. Sharonika from Clear Canine is one of those rare people. Of all the experienced dog trainers I have met and worked with, Sharonika is at the top of the few that I admire and respect as a gifted trainer. She understands the individual needs of each dog she works with and when I watch her work with a dog, I see a beautiful partnership happening before my eyes as if they are talking in an unspoken language that each clearly understands. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sharonika to anyone who needs help training their dog or fixing behaviour problems."

Kairua 18mths 1

Tammy Peters - Precise K9

"Sharonika Williamson of Clear Canine is a very rare talent. It's not very often you find a trainer who has both the natural talent and the scientific background in the dog training industry - Sharonika has both. She has the ability to pick up subtle nuances that less seasoned trainers would notice or even consider. A wealth of knowledge in both pet training and advanced sport training she is extremely versatile in her approach. She is also an ethical breeder of working line German Shepherds and does an outstanding job improving the lines for future generations. One of the most considerate, mindful trainers I know who can also easily transfer her knowledge to the client, the hardest part of dog training. An asset in our industry and a privilege for you if you have the opportunity to work with her."

Dan and Amy with Lani

"We loved puppy class. Our Neapolitan Mastiff Lani needed training and early socialisation before she got too big. We expected that the first few classes might be more playtime and not much more. We didn’t expect her to learn so well and so quickly, or for us to learn how to train them so rapidly. We were also given lots of guidance on how to deal with other issues such as mouthing/biting and toilet training. Shaz always has time to answer questions about specific issues you are experiencing with your puppy and gives you the confidence to persevere. Thanks Shaz we really learnt a lot, surpassed our expectations."


Kim with Jag

"When I initially approached Sharonika Williamson regarding training my Doberman pup I was extremely impressed with her enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor. Right from our first meeting she was proactive, reliable and eternally upbeat 🙂 I was seeking help because I had a reactive singleton pup. Within a few months of training with Sharonika my puppy was no longer displaying reactive behaviour and was developing into a confident dog with solid obedience. A joy to own and train 🙂 At all times Sharonika was supportive, she had a clear understanding of what was required and worked with me through each and every new skill/task. Her communication style is clear and direct, and her methodologies have proven reliably effective. I highly recommend Sharonika to anyone interested in training their dog."