Puppy Development Program

For puppies aged 8-20 weeks


Bringing a new puppy into your home is an exciting time for everyone. There's nothing cuter than watching those bumbly little paws bouncing around exploring their brand new world taking in all the sights, smells and sounds. But sometimes those cute little paws will find themselves in some awkward, scary or downright cheeky situations. Everything a puppy experiences up until 16 weeks of age is called their critical period. This is a time in which permanent learning occurs - of the good and bad variety! It is important to
remember when raising a puppy that they must be allowed to learn life lessons that will set them up for the future. For our puppies to mature into respectable members of
society we need to build their resilience and self confidence by exposing them to a
number of scenarios that they will come across during their lifetime.







Contrary to popular belief you are able to take your puppy out as young as 8 weeks as long as it is done with common sense. A lot of owners fall into the trap of not taking their puppies out until after they have had their final vaccinations due to fear of their puppy contracting a disease. Final vaccinations can be administered as late as 14 weeks of age. If we look back to a puppy's critical period this only leaves us with a mere 2 weeks to fit
everything in to help set your puppy up for life! That's not long at all considering you will have your beloved four-legged companion around for atleast another 12+ years. But fear not, all is not lost. Let us show you how to safely gain maximum exposure for your puppy from the moment they arrive in your home with our interactive puppy development program! During our face to face sessions we address the following:

 Program Duration: 4 weeks




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  1. Toilet training
  2. Mouthing and biting
  3. Socialisation skills
  4. Dog to dog interactions
  5. Foundations of obedience
  6. Engagement skills - How to build a strong bond
  7. Canine behaviour and communication
  8. General manners and rules
  9. Handling skills (for owners)