Private In-Home

Suitable for dogs of all ages


Our in-home sessions are suitable for owners who require one-on-one assistance with their dog. This option is great for owners that have a dog with specific behavioural issues or perhaps even for the owner who prefers to have a personalised obedience training
experience. Whether you have a puppy or a dog who is a little older, we can help at any stage of your dog's life.


Private In-Home sessions take place in the comfort of your home where we help to rectify any problems you may be having. These can include, but are not limited to, the following:



mark26white Aggression towards other dogs, people, animals
mark26white Separation related behaviours
mark26white Resource guarding of food, toys, items
mark26white Lack of respect / Leadership issues
mark26white Destructive behaviour
mark26white On- lead reactivity
mark26white Fear and anxiety
mark26white Pulling on the lead
mark26white Toilet training
mark26white Nuisance barking
mark26white Digging
mark26white Jumping
mark26white Mouthing/Biting
mark26white Over-excitability